photographed by  Wira Dhamma

photographed by Wira Dhamma

MIKHAELA Cherry Virginia

Born and raised in Indonesia, being expats in Shanghai and London prior, her love for travelling was the drive that has brought her into creating mural professionally. She was given an opportunity to draw a mural in a hostel in Vietnam and that’s how she discovered her passion. Her inspiration comes from her love for animals- merging that with her admiration with zentangle patterns that are often utilised in Indonesian Batik*. She is now pursuing her dream career whilst studying MFA Illustration in SCAD Atlanta.

*Traditional Indonesian Pattern

Past Projects: 

No. 18 Luxury Coworking Space, Atlanta, GA August 2019
Beltline Walls Festival, Atlanta, GA August 2019
Artober Fest Atlanta, GA August 2018
I Heart Lab Bali August 2018
Instagram #Kindcomments September 2017
Rotterdam Int'l Art Fair 9th - 10th Sept 2016,
Group Art Exhibition with Studio Asylum in Artotel Jakarta September 2016
Rimowa x Art November 2016