Bali I'm Back!

After exactly one year since I came to Bali, I am back with skinnier body(lost 8kg prior to bali), happier mind, and busy schedule! Yes, I have managed to find some freelance work here and I have to say that it has nothing to with luck.

How's that? well, since there were so many people asking me how I did it, let me just write it down here; it is all hard work. One glorious morning in Jakarta, I was so burnt out with all the works I had that I thought hey, I need a muthafakin' vacation ASAP.

So I emailed what that time feels lke 100 hostels and surf camps in Bali that I could find through uncle google asking them if they need any help on decorating their bare walls. I was so sure no one would reply me but even if they didn't, I'd still go to Bali anyway. I recall the article I read about SIA giving advice to Maddie Ziegler (the talented dancer who's been all over sia's music video); "She said that when she was younger, she was a songwriter and getting burnt out because she kept going and going. So she always tells me to make sure I'm having fun because she doesn't want to me to keep working and working and then start hating what I do." solid advice.

Anydoodles, it hit me right through and that's why I am here now. Working my ass off doing what I love most and pampering myself at the same time. I've been doing nothing but draw and eat delicious food Bali can offer. I'm living the dream.